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Pete Gavin

is a british blues musician, slide guitar, harmonica and piano, with more than fifty years experience playing around the world. He has sold over ten thousand of his self produced albums and played thousands of gigs.

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Pete Gavin & shAnghAi blues gAng

is a blues rock trio.
Here's the band 'live' playing Son House's blues classic 'Death Letter'.

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Time Blues Bends

Do you have time for blues?

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    Mainly private solo work. Grooved with Martin Lillich, world musician.

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    Concentrating on piano rehearsal. Playing only original material leading to new songs

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    Recorded new songs with Raphael Seidel (bass), Hermann Spannenberger (drums) and special guest Carly Quiroz (piano). Together with some of my older stuff, which I still like, produced a new CD 'Time Blues Bends' - beginning with 'Waisting Time Blues' (very woke - 'woke up this morning...') and ending with 'Time Bends'.
    Beginning to feel like the Philip K. Dick of blues music. Very subterranean. The only blues mag in Germany seems to be refusing to mention me - maybe this has something to do with their vain attempts to score some money for publicity a few projects back ('Blues Respect'). Fuck 'em. Press from other parts of the world is holding up nicely.
    There are some interesting concerts coming up this year. Most of the venues have an acoustic piano, which I love - no need to mooch around on a keyboard - and I am working on the perfect Manzanita guitar sound over a pa. Yes that's right, no amplifier, as in the interest of the environment and my health (not necessarily in that order) public transport is the order of the day (sorry Switzerland).
    STOP PRESS! The new CD will be released on 24.02.24.

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